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Dwight and Sara Update: Fantastic Week

Dear Praying Friends,

We had an absolutely fantastic week in El Papalote. We are filled with joy and thought you would like to rejoice with us. So, here is a most brief summary of some things to rejoice with us “By the Numbers.”

1 young woman who stood during the public testimony time and humbly repented of the animosity she had held toward another person in the church.

2 pastoral interns sent to be interns at the Nueva Era Church (Esteban and Evy Rodriguez).

3 new believers this past week thru ministries of the El Papalote church.

4 youth commissioned as sent ones, (Toto, Manuel, Cesar, Mari), were raised in the El Papalote Church and commissioned as missionaries on Thursday. (Some churches have not sent out 4 in 50 years.)

5 new volunteers approached Pastor Junior following Thursday’s service asking to be added to the list of willing workers in the church.

8 baptismal candidates ready to be baptized soon.

9 male visitors came for their first time to the Thursday service in El Papalote. Uniquely, God sent us 5 men and 4 male teens as confirmation of His future plans for the church as a sending church on the very night we sent out four of our precious young ones.

10 video testimonies were filmed in raw footage this week for future additions to our website. By the way you can find our website at

12 young converts are taking the class to prepare for church membership.

15 T-shirts is the number of T-shirts owned by the average American, (just checking to see if you are still paying attention).

17 broken bones during the pickup crash in which God spared the life of Don Nagle. God protected Don from any life-threatening organ injury even though Don suffered 3 broken vertebrae, 10 broken ribs, a sternum separation, a broken arm, a clavicle and both shoulders. Pray for his recovery which is expected to take several weeks.

18 new believers are being asked to join the discipleship course.

328 feet of shelving, plus the building itself, built by a wonderful mission team from Ocean Park, WA. They also put a new roof on the recording and office facility for Bible translator, Allen Lee.

1688 miles driven in the last 3 days to arrive at the new temporary home for us. We will be staying in Dwight’s sister’s basement in Selah when in Washington after being privileged to use Sarah’s sister’s house for the past 10 years when in Washington.

Dios les bendiga

Dwight and Sarah Hires


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