NLM - Partnering, Preparing, Sending, Supporting

We, Don and Ilene Nagle     founded Northern Light Ministries in 1998 and began the work in Mexico full-time in the year 2003, working under the provisional conference of the Free Methodists of Baja California.  We left for Mexico with very little except the certainty that we were called by faith to Mexico.  The Lord has solidified our purpose for being there and that is to partner with quality men and women of God in preparing, sending and supporting young men and women as servant-leaders as layleaders, pastors and missionaries.


We live and work in Papalote, Baja California... 240 miles south of the SanDiego/Tijuana border.  Papalote may not be found on a map but we are only a few short miles from San Quintin, which can be found on a map.  NLM has a wonderful board that supports the work in every way.   We praise God for these godly men and women.


The Lord has blessed us in partnering with Pastor (Rev.) Ramon Ross Rubio and his wife Esther   who live and work with us in Papalote, B.C. Mexico.  We joined in partnership with Ramon in 2005 as we both had a vision to reach the indigenous peoples of Mexico.  Ramon is the pastor of the church in Papalote and is the Director of IBB.  He has now begun working on his master's degree and then will pursue his doctorate degree. 


The Lord also sent Pastor (Rev.) Dwight Hires and wife Sarah       from Washington to partner with us.  They joined us in full-time ministry June of 2010 after completing language school. 


This May, 2011 we welcomed  Dale and Carol Crumrine  (Oregon) to our team.  Dale has served faithfully on the elder board of his church and he and Carol want to serve out the rest of their days serving side by side with us in the minstry.


Dwight and Sarah have taken on the larger part of the ministry of receiving teams who work in construction and other ministries, throughout the year.  Dale is a mechanic and has been a huge blessing to many.  He is never without work.  Carol is teaching English classes and finding that this will be a real outreach ministry as many of her students are from outside the church. 


Due to the amount of time Ramon needs to dedicate to his studies we are priviledged to receive  Pastor Moises Rodriguez and his wife Tere from Guadalajara to serve as instructors with us at IBB.  We are asking them to consider becoming missionaries to the indigenous through NLM.  Please pray for them as they have left their ministry of 30 years in Guadalajara to join us in partnership in Papalote.