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Surgery Update & Needed Prayer

Surgery Date Changed

Today Don was laughing with a friend he grew up with on the phone as they discussed his upcoming surgery. “Yes”, said Don, “I will definitely have one foot in the grave”.

Thank you for your prayers as Don is now assimilating the change. Boy are there a lot of jokes and sayings out there about amputees. Some are a scream.


The date of Don’s surgery was moved up to April 3rd. The doctor wanted a space in the surgery suite that gave him plenty of time. We will be leaving Papalote March 29th, arriving in Christmas Valley, Oregon, on the 31st and celebrating the resurrection of Christ at the Christmas Valley church on April 1st and surgery on Tuesday the 3rd.

We are very hopeful and so is the surgeon in Bend, Dr. Hines, of Don’s quick return to mobility. Actually, he will be walking as soon as the surgical area heals. Because he has good circulation and no diabetes, his prognosis is great. Keep us in your prayers. We are looking forward to years more of active service for the Lord, mobility and less pain for Don. Lord willing, we anticipate returning to Papalote the first of August.


Jesus (Chuy) and Marisol move to Mitla

Chuy and Marisol have moved temporarily to Mitla, Oaxaca. The construction of the classrooms/meeting area on the church property in Mitla included an apartment. Marisol was suffering from some medical issues following the birth of her baby and the doctors want her to be close to Oaxaca (city) for a number of months.

Chuy is working alongside Diego in ministry and has a position as an assistant to a brick/tile layer in the church. The Lord has continued to put things in place for them so that we know this is in His will.

Diego and Luz Elena are thrilled to have them close and are encouraged to see Mari healthier. Jesus and Mari have been there for several weeks. We are now finishing the apartment before we anticipated. Pray for this little family. The Lord is preparing them for their future work.



  1. God has orchestrated completely His team here in the ministry while we are away. We leave Mexico for these few months with no burdens. Praise the Lord!

  2. Pray for Dwight and Sarah in our absence. Their faithfulness has been noted by the Lord.

  3. Pray for Dale and Carol as they return to Oregon for a few months… traveling mercies.

  4. Pray for Leon and Rae Ellen Brock as they accept the changes in life due to long term medical conditions.

  5. Pray the Lord will send more help here to us in Papalote.

  6. Pray for your church planters and sent missionaries to Oaxaca and Baja California.

  7. Praise the Lord for the new church buildings and meeting places for your brothers and sisters in Christ in this ministry.

  8. Alejandra (an aunt of Pastor Francisco) called yesterday and asked for your prayers for her. Her ex-husband is violent when drinking. He was released from a rehab center recently. He has a warrant out to be placed in jail because of his physical abuse. He is threating Alejandra once again. She is a precious believer and we need to cover her with our prayers of protection. She lives in Barrio de Ceniza, Oaxaca.


Colossians 3:12 Therefore as God’s chose people, holy and dearly loved – clothes yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

May the power of the Holy Spirit reign in our lives and yours. We too, love you all.

Ilene and Don

Please don’t hesitate to call us. Don: 541-788-9488 Ilene: 541-678-0588

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