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Letter from Senen: March 2018

Dear Brothers in Christ Jesus, Don and Ilene:

Through this writing I want to tell you that even at the moment Bernadita, my daughters and grandson and myself are very well because of our God's goodness. After

my greetings I move on to the following.

Sister (Ilene), I want to tell you that the temple building is already painted. The carpenter put in the windows and this week will come to install the exterior doors. We were with my brother-in-law in Cuajilotes (a small village 3 hours southeast of Chapultepec) to ask how the construction of the exterior doors was coming along and he told us that in a week the doors would be ready. So, once we put in the doors we can meet in the new building.

The children are very happy because they are already meeting in the upper room classroom, that's why we are very grateful to God. For a long time, we have been praying together with you and your contacts to receive this blessing.

I want to say “I love you very much” to every one of them. I know that one day we will be together with God to sing to Him and to embrace each other as a family in Christ Jesus for what we are doing together.

Sister Ilene, I want to say that we can pray together:

  1. For the second stage of the construction, the sheet rock and the tile of the temple and the entrance patio are not completed

  2. Pray for the Mendoza Osorio family and

  3. For the carpenter (Tivo), so that he will have time to install the electricity. Once I shared Christ with him and he cried because he does not have Christ in his heart. That's why sister, we should pray together for the salvation of the carpenter.

We are very sad because Jesus and Marisol left here. In the farewell service they dedicated their daughter Naomi. The farewell service went very well. Lourdes (wife of Senen’s cousin) was there. She is very grateful that we gave work to Joaquin (her husband) and her son. They painted the building.

That is all for the moment. We send greetings your contacts. We love you very much. Pray a lot for us.

Brother Senen

Rev. Pastor Senen Ruiz

Chapultepec, Oaxaca, México

Translated by Ilene Nagle

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