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Dear Prayer Warriors - Mitla & Chapultepec Construction

Don and I, Leon and Rae Ellen Brock and Francisco Campos arrived in Mitla December 31st, 2017 after a 38 hour stretch of no sleep because of FOG delays in Tijuana. All flights of all airlines were suspended.

The first week our team had many challenges in preparing the rental house for the first team. Work began also on the exterior of the parsonage.

Added challenges were non-delivery of materials for the projects, wrong materials delivered, hours of waiting in Home Depot for our team which now includes Diego. The day the Christmas Valley Team (11th of Jan) arrived Don and Diego were jumping with joy as all materials had arrived… then discovered some items were left out and others were wrong sizes. OH MY!! One must be FLEXICO IN MEXICO and have the Holy Spirit in control if one’s emotions.


Progress of Apartment, Meeting Place/Classrooms & bathrooms



The project began December 30th. A local carpenter and team will be doing the major portion of the hard pine wood 2 story building that is on Pastor Senen’s personal property.

We have not been able to go to Chapultepec as yet. Not sure of the dates we can go. But here are photos of the new chapel that we have as of last week. Spoke with Pastor Senen on the phone. He is beginning to recover from the very difficult year of stress and workload of 2017. He is enjoying sharing the gospel with his captive audience… the carpenter and his workers. Also here is a picture of baby Naomi, Marisol and Chuy’s baby.

Chuy has been here since the first of January and will be returning to the family on Friday of the week. It is so cute to see him talk about his adored baby. He participates in as much as possible in her care… a Proud Daddy that is for sure.



• Pray for safety and peace for Bernardita as she travels once again to her home pueblo

Jan. 17th to spend 10 days or so. Her father is dying of alcoholic physical consequences. He is full care. She and her sisters are sharing this care at the end of his life. She does not like to travel alone as there are some safety risks.

  • Pray for the missionaries who are away from their families to be here to assist in the construction project of Mitla… Pastor Francisco, Pastor Beni, Hermano Chuy. Pray for their families.

  • Dwight and Sarah Hires have returned to Papalote and are putting their lives in order again. Pray for them as they prepare teams for the coming year, and for a team arriving from Madras, Stayton with Pastor Edgar Garcia who will be going to Vizcaino to continue the construction work there. Men will also be accompanying this group from Papalote.

  • Continued safety and health for our team here in Mitla; safety for the next team arriving from Christmas Valley and Alaska later on January 23rd and 25th. Also pray for unity and harmony among team members and staff here.

  • Pray for strength and wisdom for Pastor Diego as he is a key figure here with the groups as well as pastoring here in Mitla. There are several very sick people in the congregation at this time as well. We are anticipating meeting in the new facility for the first time NEXT SUNDAY, JAN 21.

  • Continue your prayers for the team here in Mitla, which includes the Christmas Valley group, Mitla workers and staff, and missionary staff from Oaxaca and of course the NLM team. Pray for safety and good health. It has been freezing at night and then a bit warmer in the day, but drops quickly to very cold when the sun goes down. We wear layers.

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. Many of you have given from your hearts financially and with your prayers and are investing in lives who are very present in the world and representing Christ as the answer to loneliness, lack of hope, peace, and salvation. It is exciting to see how God is using these men and women of faith.

Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world-like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

Su Servicio,

Ilene and Don


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