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Baja Ministry Challenges in a Changing World

Dear Prayer Warriors and supporters of the word of Northern Light Ministries in Mexico.

It is a priviledge to share with you how God has been working in Baja these past six months.

Director of Baja: Rev. Dwight Hires

Psalm 33:20-22

"Our soul waits for the LORD;

   he is our help and our shield.

For our heart is glad in him,

   because we trust in his holy name.

Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us,

  even as we hope in you."

COVID-19 has made ministry a challenge. The American missioinary team left Mexico this spring and are waiting to return. But God is not limited.  His Word continues to go forth and people are being reached with the Gospel. 

The style of ministry in Mexico, since US missionaries returned to their second homes in the US, has changed from daily meetings and discipleship discussions into phone calls, internet services and virtual meetings and text messaging.  Most every day we have these electronic communications so we have not lost touch but still miss the relaxed conversations and prayer together.

The churches and Seminary have been closed since March, but internet services and devotionals, even programs for children, are continually being used.

Masks, WhatsApp logo, virutal meetings, internet Children's Service

The Corona Virus pandemic...

...has hit the Baja more than many other states in Mexico.  Three of our families have lost extended family members, each of Pastor Moises’ family had been sick with the virus, (now fully recovered), an entire community 4 miles from El Papalote has been quarantined because of a severe outbreak but only one person has needed to be quarantines on the church property. 

Opportunities to give food and supplies to needy families has been a way to show the love of Christ during this challenging time.  Asael's Ministry is now ministering to 55 families with special needs children. Our El Papalote team has given about two of the three tons of food stored for those in need.

Our new guest house/clinic is still under construction.  It will be completed as things open up for volunteer teams to return.  We are thankful that so much could be completed before the Covid crisis.  

The Papalote Church has been doing evangelism in a Trique village in the area of San Telmo. Some have already become Christ followers.  There is a hunger and receptiveness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that this will become a mission church when more social contact is allowed.

Rejoice with us that this month both Guillermo and his mother Fernanda have trusted Christ in a targeted Triqui community north of El Papalot, San Telmo. We are praying these new believers will someday be part of a mission church plant in San Telmo.

Brother Miguel from the Papalote church is Triqui and has assisted for years in translation of the scriptures and reading the scripture celular chips so that a non-reading society may hear the Word of God.. He is the "voice of the Triqui tribe".   Miguel often accompanies Pastor Francisco for translation purposes.

Opportunities for Intercession

- Pray for our pastors in Mexico, for health and continued contact with their people

- Pray for continued open doors in the Trique village near San Telmo

- Pray for the San Quintin area to open up so the missionaries can return

Dios les bendiga,

Dwight and Sarah Hires Serving with Northern Light Ministries Mission Base:  El Papalote, Baja California , Mexico Office Address:  NLM, PO Box 215, Mill City, OR  97360 Personal Mail:  Dwight Hires, 703 E. 2nd Ave, Ellensburg, WA  98926 Phone: 360-901-5030


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