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Prayer Partners

God's work must be sustained by the prayers of His people. 


Constant prayer is the heart of our work. We fellowship in prayer with our team and in our daily work. Join us in praying for NLM. Our monthly Newsletter highlights opportunities for intercession.

Jeremiah 33:  “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”.

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  • Sponsor a student through IBB Work/Study Program.

  • Sponsor an active IBB graduate minister (pastor or missionary) to complete a Bachelor’s Degree through Trinity Theological Seminary Spanish Program in Indiana.

  • Sponsor an active IBB graduate minister who has achieved a Bachelor’s Degree to continue to a Master’s program.

  • Sponsor an active IBB professor to complete a Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral degree program.

Often churches and groups donate supplies that serve needs of pastors and their ministries. Supplies are specific and can be a resource for multiple ministries in NLM.


A few examples of common needs:

  • Construction tools

  • Mechanic tools, car body repair and painting tools

  • Paint (house) and painting supplies

  • Soft acrylic warm blankets for the elderly and children

To provide supplies:

Needed Supplies
Staff members

NLM always has opportunity for long-term commitments. 

Current opportunities:

  1. Fluent Spanish speaking Bible teacher with credentials

  2. Computer and IT experience

  3. Business Manager for NLM (Marketing and Communications)

  4. Skilled Missionary Assistant Team members for training future leaders.


Skill specialties:

  • Construction: plumbing, electrical, welding, sheet rock, roofing, tile work

  • Mechanics and body work

  • Cabinet making and woodworking 

  • Facility maintenance

All NLM missionaries and partners have made personal commitments to live by faith.  Skill training is part of our pastoral program at IBB to provide means and sustain one's family.  Because churches are rural and small, ministers of the gospel know they will not be able to receive enough support for daily living from his ministry.  

We lay before the Lord the monthly needs of his servants.  He provides in miraculous ways.

Perhaps you would like to commit to helping with a portion of monthly support for these trustworthy and honorable men and women of God. The amount would be between you and God.

We would choose who is most in need and send you their information and pictures and how to proceed.

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