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LOOKING BACK 2003-2019

In 2019, looking back from 2003, Northern LIght Ministries has seen the Lord working in the lives of the Mexican leadership and we are proud that we are seeing our initial goals of this mission coming to fruition:

1) We partnered with Rev. Ramon Ross; we partnered with individuals and churches who shared our mutual goal that was....

2) to prepare Mexican men and women to become the missionaries to the indigenous peoples of Mexico in a seminary with this singular goal;

3) to teach and model teamwork and to become servant leaders;

4) to send workers to plant churches in the Baja and in Oaxaca; 5) see the planted churches growing, maturing and planting new churches; 6) see generations in families graduate and serve.

The Papalote Church was the first church to send prepared workers. This mother church now has six vibrant independent daughter churches. Koinenea Church in Mitla, Oaxaca was one of these daughter churches. This year Koinenea planted a daughter church in a pueblo nearby. Now the daughter church have believers entering seminary to be prepared to "go". Our hearts cannot contain the joy.

Seminario Biblico Baja graduated two second generation students, sons of missionaries. They will be completing their final year of seminary (a 1-year internship in churches) and will be sent as God leads as church planters.



Vision of NLM 2020-2022:

Northern Light Ministries and Partners will send 8 Mexican Seminario Bíblico Baja graduates as missionaries to plant 8 churches in the Mexican states of Baja California, Baja California Sur and Oaxaca by December 25, 2022.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power,

love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

We invite you to Partner with us.

NLM Missionaries, Board, and Mexican partners are very excited as we launch this Vision from God. We hope to reach and go beyond this projection before 2022. JOIN US.


Spanish Version: Visión 2020-2022

NLM y Asocios enviará a diez graduados (familias o solteros) del Seminario Bíblico Baja de México, y extensión Oaxaca, como misioneros para plantar diez iglesias entre los pueblos indígenas en los estados mexicanos de Baja California, Baja California Sur y Oaxaca para el 25 de diciembre de 2022.

"Porque no nos ha dado Dios espíritu de cobardía, sino de poder,

de amor y de dominio propio". 2 Timoteo 1:7

Te invitamos a asociarte con nosotros.



1. Donor envelopes with all information you need on the envelope. Fill - Insert check - Seal - Send

2. Bill-Pay (unchanged)

3. On-line giving through GIVELIFY HERE or links on the NLM Website (Home page and Get Involved page). Also there will be a link at the bottom of all. e-newsletters.

4. Cell or iPad giving using Givelify App.

How to give your first Givelify Donation using an App (not on-line giving at NLM website)

1. Download the free Givelify App from App Store or Google Play

2. Locate our organization

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8. Create your account

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Opportunities for Praise

**The Mitla church congregation n Oaxaca just finished putting the steel rafters up on the church. The anticipation of completion of the building is great.

** Pastor Senen’s sister Margarita and her husband Pedro gave their hearts to Jesus on December 4th, 2019. Senen and Bernardita have had broken hearts for them and reached out to them with love since 2008. This is a wonderful hope for us all who have family who have rejected Christ for years and then accept the gift of forgiveness. Margarita and Pedro are reaching out to their own children and grandchildren.

** Pastor Francisco will be finishing up a discipleship course with new believers in the Papalote church. Praise God for the growth and maturing that we see among the believers there.

** Don is healing. He is not strong enough to return as yet to Mexico but is receiving physical therapy to build up his core, for more endurance. We are greatly encouraged. Continue to pray for us. Thank you so much for your many prayers for the last 4 + months.

Opportunities for Intercession

** NLM missionaries are traveling to be with family for Christmas and more returning to Mexico in January during the questionable weather season. Please pray for their safe returns. (Palms, Hires, and possibly the Nagles)

** Dale Crumrine is beginning treatment for cancer in January. His doctor said if all goes well... he can return to Mexico in March. Pray that God will heal him during these treatments.

**Work is a bit scarce in the Papalote area right now and people in the church are looking for work. Pray the Lord’s mercy will be with them.

** The Papalote and the Nueva Era churches are having outreaches on the 22nd. Pray that many souls come to Jesus

** Tim Warkentin (member of the NLM Board) is now in Hospice Care and very weak. Pray this his homegoing with the Lord will be one of peace for all. Pray for Paulette, Tim's wife who has been a steady rock at his side; and their children and grandchildren. All live close and are a close family.

GOD bless you for your FAITHFUL prayers and gifts of service and support.

En Su Servico,

Dr. Don and Ilene Nagle, Rev. Ramon Ross Rubio, Rev. Dwight and Sarah Hires,

Dale and Carol Crumrine, Leon and Rae Ellen Brock, Mike and Cecelia Palm and...

NLM Board of Directors: Robert Croff (Chairman of the Board) and Jo Croff; Galyn and Kathleen Roth; the Palms, the Nagles; Jesse and Shannon Warkentin; Tim and Paulette Warkentin,


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