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NLM News: October 2018


Ilene and I have been on a journey. It started the first of April 2018. The first projections to return to Mexico were the end of June. Well, God had a different schedule for us. With the addition of a gallbladder surgery to the leg amputation we thought maybe the end of July maybe more realistic. Then after two dear friends and Ilene’s mother passing on to glory we are still in Oregon. (Ilene was very much involved in aiding her mother’s medical needs before her death).

We were able to go to the Oregon Coast for four days following Ilene’s mom Celebration of Life service with our son Josh and wife Becky. I was able to crab and eat crab to my hearts content. It was great!

Our HOPE is to leave this week or next to arrive sometime in the middle of October.

In this journey we would like to thank our children as they helped in time of need. We want to thank Christmas Valley Community Church, our NLM board members, our missionary staff, and the many prayer warriors who interceded. We would like to express our appreciation to our Mexican brothers who daily prayed for us.

We all are in different journeys and want to believe that God’s hand is in every minute, mile, and every thought. We covet your prayers as we journey back to Mexico to continue His ministry there.

Don is standing firm with his prosthetic.


I am on my second socket and am walking well alone, occasionally with a cane for balance. I anticipate needing to change to the third and final socket in December or January. Sockets get smaller as the muscle tissue of the limb atrophies.

Archer and his stuffed puppy!

There is a sweet little 3 year old grandson of Tim Warkentin named Archer that had been enthralled with Dons amputation and prosthetic leg from day one in April. He runs to touch Dons leg every time he sees him. They have grown to be very good friends

A couple days ago Don received this note from Shannon, Archer’s mommy. 'We are out camping and Archer was allowed to bring one stuffed animal. Someone asked him what his puppy’s name was and he said, “Don Nagel”. So now you have a stuffed puppy named after you!'


During the annual NLM board meeting the board has approved two USA students to serve six-month internships in Mexico. They will begin their service in late January through June 2019. They will be immersed in Spanish and will work, live, and attend some classes with students.

We would hope you can pray for these interns: Brandon Chugg from Christmas Valley Community Church and Kylie Dunlap from Aims Community Church, Corbett, Oregon. It is our hope that many more will be willing to consider a life of service in Mexico.



  • Continue to pray for our American staff as they return soon to El Papalote. Pray for Dwight and Sarah as they finish church visits and rest. Pray for Dale and Carol Crumrine as they return in October ready for the new school year.

  • Pray for our Mexican staff and pastors as they continue the work of ministry. A special prayer for Esther, Ramon's wife, as she is dealing with some medical problems.

  • Pray for our board members: Tim Warkentin, fighting cancer; Bob Croft, recovering from eye surgery and Jo his wife, for the others who faithfully pray for NLM, Paulette Warkentin, Mike and Cecilia Palm, Patty Effingham, and Galyn and Kathleen Roth.

  • Pray for us as we establish the vision and goals for 2018-19 with our Mexican partners upon our return. The Lord has also given us some other teaching and encouragement of our pastors that we feel is necessary. As we have been away for some time now, we are anxious to reintegrate into the lives of those we serve. We will keep you informed.

  • Please pray for our Oaxacan missionaries: Diego and Luz are expecting baby number three sometime in February. This has not been an easy pregnancy. Diego has received his “cargo” and been named the President of the Elementary School for this school year. His year began with 45 children coming down with Hepatitis A from the city water system. It has been very challenging.

  • Senen and Bernardita have received a new family into the family of God. Also, Bernardita’s father has come to live with them. He is wheelchair bound. Soon Sarah will have her quincinera (15 years old) in the church. Excitement is high in the air. Salmai was chosen queen for the Independence Day celebration.

  • Beni and Nati are faithfully ministering in Benito Garcia. We just received word that Nati's father died and Beni and Nati are driving to the Chalcotongo. Pray for safe travels and comfort.


  • Manuel Ruiz, Senen’s son is an intern with uncle Lazaro in Vizcaino. Please pray for his on-going maturity in the Lord.

  • The Papalote church as a selected “safe house” for disasters was completely ready to receive up to 200 people with the Hurricane Rosa. As it was, they received 20 and the Lord protected the area.


  • The Baja churches are requesting Bibles as there are new believers! PRAISE THE LORD for this need. We are asking if you can assist in this need. We purchase RV 1960 Bibles by the case. We also need to purchase large print Bibles as well. The letters are very small in the economic versions. Often adult new believers have vision challenges. The cost of purchasing two cases of 28 Bibles plus a number of large print was $250 dollars. Any amount toward this need would be wonderful.

  • HAVE A TRAVEL TRAILER THAT HAS BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO GO ON VACATION AND IT HASN’T BEEN ANYWHERE FOR A SOME TIME? NLM needs travel trailers in good usable condition in Papalote. We would need to remove any carpeting and install vinyl squares because of dirt and sand flea conditions before hauling to Mexico.

These trailers will be of great assistance to the ministry in Mexico. A trailer valued under $5000 does not have to have a dealer evaluation. Any trailer worth more than $5000 will need a signed dealer evaluation. NLM is a 501 (C ) 3 non-profit organization. For any further information regarding this need and donation, please call Patty Effingham, Sec/Treasurer for NLM @ 541-576-2640.

Hebrews 6:10 NLT

“For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for Him and how you have shown your love to Him by caring for other believers, as you still do.”

We have packed and unpacked three times to return to Mexico, and now perhaps the time has come. Lots to do beforehand, and lots to do when we arrive. Be in prayer for us and we will continue our prayers for you as well.

In His Arms….

Your servants,

Don and Ilene

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